Limited Edition Prints 1000 total (200 of each size)

Back Alley Road, Missing Man


Darkroom 35mm Film Giclée Prints, framed in the absence of human presence, showing the artifacts left behind by old peoples, and slices taken from life from western empires in decline.

This is the second of Back Alley Road.  I chose to dull the Black and White, and to wash it out.  I hoped to make it seem as if the picture itself was only of a ghost of that moment.  I thought that all art, that every form of expression is only the crystallization of history.  How we can only look backwards with art, music, literature, and will never find a way to look into the future or create “time yet to be.”



Each exposure was made on expired 35mm film.  The film was hand developed using color and black and white chemistry in a bathtub with improper temperature regulation and on some improvised equipment.  The negatives were enlarged with darkroom processing; vignetting, saturation, and dodging were applied by hand while enlarging the negative. A low resolution copy machine scanner was used at the factory setting to digitize the print.  No digital attempt at cleaning or touching up scratches or dirt on the images was made or will be made.  *(Only the resizing for the giclée process)*

The prints are meant to be noisy, grainy, and show grit when pulled and enlarged. 

The overarching idea of this portfolio was, to in a way, show the pointillistic attributes that the artists admires in his favorite Impressionistic and Post-Impressionistic painters. 

The works are meant to appear unrefined and dirty.  Reflecting the collective beauty and flaws in the artifacts that human beings create and have left behind. 

Each image is printed on archival, museum grade fine-art paper and will arrive sealed in protective plastic.  The prints will be rolled in a 4 inch cardboard tube.  Shipping is included in price and only 110 images of each size will be made of each image.  A total of 550 per image.  Every print will arrive with a certificate of authenticity and corresponding holographic sticker and will be signed by the photographer.

10-12% of your sale will go to those who need a voice, help, education and care.

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