Music Production


Fully analog albums and song recording projects are ongoing at the moment.

These musical projects hope to thematically accompany the old techniques of hand crafting and development found in the “Art Brut” of the Europe 35mm Portfolio.

Vintage analog equipment such as Tascam’s 388, and 38 (reel to reels), as well Tascam’s 688, 246, 234, 238, and 122 type II cassette recorders are being used to cement these unique melodies and rhythms.  Analog outboard gear, both jerry-rigged, patched-up, and crudely fixed, as well as high end processing units are being used in the creation of this original music, hopefully giving it a unique timbre.

Of course, as with the Europe Portfolio, 10% of all analog “hard copy” sales will be used to better our shared sphere, in perpetuity.  (Cassettes and LP’s Mastered only for Analog).


*Please check for announcements as this creative process is ongoing and fluid.*


When available, samples will be shared on this page.