1. JPH Vargas’ first blog and introduction

Hello friends and colleagues.

My name is JP.  Thank you for coming to hang out for a bit.

Please allow me to be clear.

I only wish to share on this medium ideas of a creative nature.  If I do expound on any idea, concept, or thoughts of another, be aware that I do so only inherently from the point of opinion.  We must take into consideration justifications, arguments, speech acts, and of course the critical aspect of reading when engaging in dialog as a human collective.  I will try my best to differentiate any fact from opinion on my end, and hope that readers do so as well.  I am an expert in nothing.  I expect that to be understood. Characters or the traits found in some, do not represent me in any manner besides a vehicle to explore places or states of mind that I find interesting.

Enjoy the strange meanderings of my character studies, some oddball ideas, and whatever prose you may enjoy of mine.

Let’s all do our best.


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