2. A redacted copy of my query letter, rejected on 38 occasions and counting.

Dear: Literary Agent.

I would like you to consider representing my unique literary voice. It is unlike any other I have read. The novel I wish to present is a 52,000 word long literary fiction. It is a work that explores ethical and moral relativism, language and power, deontological ethics, absurdism, the expression of feminine power, how men exploit feminine power while not acknowledging the existence of it, the questioning of moral authority found in Judeo-Christian values, the philosophy of friendship, and the application of humanistic and classical studies, woven with modern prose, elements of magical realism, metaphor—along with myriad stylistic devices—and the crystallization of philosophical concepts within the texture of the syntax and style. I will let the work speak for itself in terms of social importance in our society. I viewed it as a “whole” composition and not the first 5 pages when crafting the work, as a vehicle to generate sales for profit.

The manuscript was treated as an Opera when being written.  It could be considered a “Libretto,” the prelude of the book serving as the “Overture”, the first book being the “Aria,” and the second book being the “Recitative.”  The work is “scaffolded,” influenced by Vygotsky’s theory of comprehensible input, as well as Krashen’s theory of (i+1). Every page and every chapter adds more in terms of concepts, footnotes, density and difficulty in prose. Every distinct movement builds schema for the next. I also treated the work as a lesson for anyone willing to explore my unique method of thought.  I have clearly expressed sources, ideas, and trains of thought in footnotes throughout the work.  Not in any way attempting “purposeful” pretentions. I only hope to show others that any unique work like this is possible through creative application of scholarly thought.

(3 redacted paragraphs with all pertinent story elements.)

My name is J.P. Hugo Vargas, I am an Argentine-American journalist, film photographer, English language professor, applied linguist, researcher, sound-designer, and writer. I hold trade certificates in music production, peace building, as well as an MAT in English applied linguistics and a graduate certificate in Conflict Transformation. My B.A. is in writing and literature with a concentration in film photography. I have started an alternative process print making endeavor, which I hope to use for charitable purposes and for building awareness of societal in-equity; as well as building a physical space to help others realize the creative expression of music and arts; helping them deal with pain, trauma, injustice, and those everyday pangs we all feel as people. I have devoted my adult life to solving conflict in war torn places, the craft of writing, synthesizing my personal autodidactic course of readings into philosophical prose, and trying my best to be a good person. I am loyal and protective of those whom I love, and a dangerous man to fall foul of if I deem my quarrels justified.   I have seen the sunset on every continent except for Antarctica and Australia, lived in many lovely and disparate places, survived unspeakable traumas, adventured in dangerous lands at risk of great personal harm, and I have made important and close friends all over the world, one of which, you should consider becoming.


J.P.H Vargas

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